determine how well
your organization
uses business analytics.
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You answer simple questions about your organization.

We'll do the math.

The INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model will help you determine how well your organization uses business analytics and math modeling to improve performance. After you answer the questions provided by the model, INFORMS will do the following:
  • Calculate your overall score, your category scores, and factor scores
  • Determine whether your scores are Beginning, Developing, or Advanced level, and what that means to you
  • Help you set new analytics goals - and achieve them
  • Show the results in easily understood graphs and charts
  • Let you track progress over time
What's Your Score?

The INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model lets you do a self-assessment that analyzes three critical organizational themes. In each of 12 simple, probing factor questions, you will rate your score on a scale of 1-10, have the option of setting a numerical goal, and set dates to achieve your goal. A summary page for each theme enumerates the maturity level for each factor, explains your maturity level in detail, and supplies charts that visualize your maturity and track your progress.

Try it Out

The INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model lets you choose the level of participation that's most comfortable for you. You can get the most out of the model by creating a profile and storing your responses. Prefer to try the model first? Sign in as a guest and decide later whether to create a profile or leave the model without any commitment.

Quick or Comprehensive

You can also select the depth of assessment that works best for you. Short on time? Use the Quick Assessment and see where you rank. Ready to probe deeply? Complete the Full Assessment that lets you access the model's full power, setting goals and obtaining advice.


INFORMS is concerned about the security of your data. The information you provide will be double encrypted to ensure your privacy. INFORMS will use industry-related information that you provide to benchmark your score against those of others in your industry. Benchmark data are anonymous aggregates. Although INFORMS requests identifying information about you and your organization, INFORMS will protect your privacy. INFORMS will not share your personal information with anyone.